Bon Jovi: This House is Not for Sale CONCERT

Note: This post was written on April 11, 2017.

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So yesterday, my dad's teenage dream was fulfilled.

We watched his favourite rock band Bon Jovi at the Air Canada Centre and it was awesome! I've actually never experienced a rock show before. I've been to concerts, yes, but I've never attended a classic rock band concert until last night. And this was extra special because I shared the experience with my dad. You see, if it wasn't for him, I don't think I would have been so crazy about music. He fuelled that desire for me.

Growing up, I remember having a lot of CDs, cassette tapes, in our house. He would send them over from Saudi Arabia. He made sure I had the Spice Girls album that I wanted. That Britney Spears cassette tape, Christina Aguilera's Reflections album. Tons of karaoke CDs. He always made sure that his sound system and music collection was up to date. So I can sing at home and listen to music. He still does that to this day.

I went back home in February for the first time since coming to Canada and got to see the house I grew up in. Back in Pasig City, Philippines. Here's what it looks like now... 

I have so many great memories in that home. The twisted thing is though, my dad was not present in this home 95% of the time I spent there. But still, my fondest memories in this house were the times that he was home. Two months every two years. The summer bike rides around the village with him, playing in the rain, sitting in the front yard after dinner under a star-lit sky. I told him I didn't want to kiss him because he smelled like smoke. He hasn't smoked since. I was probably 6 at the time.

Needless to say, I am such a daddy's girl. It was only right that we watched Bon Jovi together, the band whose songs he always aces on karaoke and loved to sing, which in turn, brought me joy and the interest to go and start singing myself (shout out to my mom though, who did the hustle on my behalf and got me to take vocal lessons and get into contests/shows etc).


How fitting it is for me to reminisce about my old home regarding my dad because this Bon Jovi concert was for their new album rightfully titled, This House is Not for SaleIn the show, Jon Bon Jovi talked about the story behind the cover art and the inspiration behind the album. It's a portrait of an old rundown house rooted up from the ground. Its dull, grey, like it's been through a lot. But despite its aesthetics, its appearance tells a story. Its own story. He compares the house to their band, who's been through three decades together and counting, with their songs that symbolize the stories of themselves and the fans who affiliate with these stories.


That home on Kalantas street, rundown by typhoon Yolanda, locked up and worn out, gave me beautiful memories and planted my passion. A couple decades later, now my own story is unfolding.

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