Boba Boy

Since this blog post, I have gone to Boba Boy twice. It's pretty close to my house and I'm definitely all over the bubble tea spectacular that's been going on lately. What I love the most about bubble tea shops is that it brings people together and closer. Going to bubble tea places is always my favourite because it's one of those rare places these days that forces you to talk to each other, therefore build relationships. Something about coming together for a drink makes people open up and say what's on their mind. And they are not inebriated. At least in my experience.

Our usual go-to place is Chatime. If not, Presotea. Also, Green Grotto is cool. But this curly haired boy (Boba Boy, to be exact) was so charming that we had to give him a try. So, we walked in and the place is packed! There was a narrow area for chairs and tables, and every single one was taken. I didn't know what to order, what they had to offer, until one of the crew handed me this big cardboard sign with Boba Boy's menu. Cute. They had like 3 of those. When you're done looking at this menu sign, you pass it on to the person beside you. It kinda gets you talking to the next guy or girl. Pretty sweet. Boba Boy is already off to a good start with bringing people together. 

So my own boba guy and I ordered original milk tea and "..... in Love". The servers were very friendly and patient with all of our questions as it was our first time. They make their own bobas from scratch according to the TV screens in the store, which is a nice touch. 

We chose to have ours served in a boba bottle. This is basically what we came here for. If you ask for your drink to be in a boba bottle it will be served in a 16 oz tall plastic bottle with a resealable cap. What? You mean I can save my drink and close it if I can't finish it because of my small bladder? Cool! 

But this is not exactly what my boba guy thought. His business side kicked in as soon as he observed the mechanics of this bobba bottle. Although the bottle is resealable, the straw, however, is another story. I didn't really have a problem with it myself, but I do agree that it is something to improve upon. See, when you close the lid, you leave the straw inside and it's shorter than the bottle (of course, so you can close the lid). When it's time to open the bottle and drink again, you will need to reach your fingers inside to pick up the straw and start sipping. If you let go of the straw, it will sink to the bottom and you'll have to repeat the process again. This problem doesn't usually occur when it comes to sodas in bottles because of the cabon dioxide that helps the straw afloat. 

So, to those people who find that ptting their fingers in their beverage is unsanitary or those with bigger-than-average fingers, it is a bit of an issue. Why not be innovative and have a type of bottle that holds on to the straw and still be able to close the lid? Perhaps a taller lid to make room for the straw?

I know. First-world problems.

But you still cute Boba Boy. Beady eyes, hair curls and all.