Note: This blog post was written back in May 2017.

As I'm writing this, it has now been two weeks since the accident and I have not gone back to work yet. My family doctor diagnosed me with a concussion due to the headaches I've been getting ever since the accident. She strictly said no screens. That means no computer, no phone, no tv, no Netflix, no Youtube, no texting, no movies aka BE BORED TO DEATH. 

I read that one of the symptoms of concussion is depression, and I think now I know why that is.

It is super hard to stay in your room in the dark and not do anything for the whole week. I "watched"the raptors game by sitting on the couch while knitting so I can avoid looking at the TV. It's like I got a glimpse of what it's like to be blind. 

I really wanna watch 13 Reasons Why! Everyone I know already finished watching it. My brothers have watched it. The FOMO is REAL.

I haven't been on Facebook and I feel like a part of me is dying. I'm so out of touch with what's going on around me because I haven't been online. Which is the craziest thing.

Being unplugged has helped me let go of the need to scroll and see what other people are up to and instead, focus on myself and prioritize. Ever since going offline, I've been sleeping more, fixed my room and I'm happy with my re-decorating, I'm talking to my family more, I'm playing the piano more, I'm having more personal  conversations with friends on the phone, I'm using my time more wisely, I'm reading more, I'm writing more, and I'm more in touch with my goals. It's strange how much time we spend online and don't even know it. How much life we could be missing.

But it's not the social media and the internet is bad. I mean this is how I'm communicating with you right now, which is amazing <3.

What's bad is when we let social media control our lives instead of us taking control of social media - how much time we should spend on it, how much and which content should we internalize, what kind of content should we put out.

Always remember that our real lives are more important than our lives on social media. When we nourish our real self and put ourselves first, then we can emit the kind of light we wanna shine on to the universe, which in turn our social medias will mirror, showing the real authentic you, boo!

Love for one's self > Facebook like.