Week 3: Songwriters Association of Canada 4x4 Songwriting and Blogging Challenge


This week I had an awesome opportunity to write with Arlene Paculan! So quick backstory about her and I...

When I was still in college studying Independent Music Production at Seneca, we had an assignment to reach out an independent artist that we gravitated to and ask them for an interview. I've always looked up to Arlene because she's been active in the Filipino local community and is one of the few in the scene performing original music, and I was like yess I wanna do that too! She was gracious enough to grant me an interview and fast forward to today, here we are collaborating through Songwriters Association of Canada! I am over the moon.

Week 3's challenge is to partner up with a songwriting partner and write under the theme of relationships. We decided to go with the heartbreak route. Arlene first sparked our session with her just riffing with a chord progression I suggested and from that, we got our first few lines. From there, I continued it with a pre-chorus and chorus. The line "say your prayers" just came out after I got "Go on" cause I was thinking to make the heartbreak song sound more empowered rather than a wallowing feel. I felt like the chorus had to soar up to contrast with the verses and give that sense of emotional release. Arlene ended up loving these sections and she continued on with the second verse. It was such a cool experience working with her because since she was very encouraging I felt comfortable with her right away and felt so free to write any lines without the fear of judgment. 

Our process with this song was done online due to time restraints. We talked through Facebook Messenger and sent voice messages to each other and it was a smooth ride throughout! This demo is pretty rough due to our lack of time but Arlene and I plan to record this track for real soon! 

Here is Somebody Like You co-written with Arlene Paculan: https://soundcloud.com/maejanellemusic/somebody-like-you


Somebody Like You

(Mae Janelle Berte/Arlene Paculan)


Well isn't it funny how we've come to this

Doesn't it seem pointless to talk about it

Well last night you were out with the guys

Tonight you're working over time

It's 3 am and I'm still all alone


I know you told me that I'd never have to worry

I knew it won't be easy

Loving somebody

Loving someone like you

Somebody like you


So go on, go on. Say your prayers

Go on, go on like you never cared

Cause I'll never love somebody like you again


Can't resist the feeling we're just wasting time

Once connected, now our souls don't intertwine

Well you come home to resent me

And I wake up feeling empty

It's 4 am and I'm still all alone